Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cooking with the Cornmans!

Earlier tonight, Jocelyn and I joined Gretchen McKay of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for her backyard and home-based cooking show, Cooking with Gretchen, that is to run online in the next couple of weeks. Jocelyn and I were her guests for this piece highlighting healthy, summertime meals, and we got to show off our non-existent cooking skills while talking about Ballouskies and Kona.

Gretchen, Jocelyn, and myself cooked up some Summer Salmon Pasta and some Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs, while Gretchen's associate Steve Mellon filmed it all and provided some creative direction.

This is the beginning of something of a media blitz that Ty setup in advance of Kona, whereby Jocelyn and I will be out promoting Ballouskies and our efforts at the Ironman World Championships! Next stop, NightTalk!


Kim said...

So cool! I TOLD Jocelyn she could cook :) Excited to see the piece come out!! Have fun this weekend!! Cheer loud for our Louisvillers!!

gmckay said...

Hey Jeremy - don't forget we'd love your wedding photo, plus one of you competing.
You can email them to me at the PG,

ojs said...

Really cool. You guys are stars! Can't wait to cheer for you two in Kona.