Saturday, August 14, 2010

beach week (#1!) 2010

This week Jocelyn, my family, four large dogs, two bikes and myself are headed south for a week's vacation in Topsail Island NC. This will be a perfect opportunity to de-stress and unwind, while catching up on some reading and catching some rays. And while I may be de-stressing in a general life/work sense, I am certainly planning on increasing the physical stress as Kona is now only 8 weeks away. Topsail training camp - shhh, don't tell the family! I have been slacking pretty bad on the blog posts recently and so I am going to make a concerted effort to get back on track this week and beyond. Updates to follow throughout the week from Topsail!


Jess said...

Have fun!

Whitarican said...

8 weeks!!!! wow that is coming quick! GL and enjoy the down time because I am sure you are about to kick butt!

Luv2Tri said...

Enjoy yourselves guys, and get in some great training! Looking forward to reading some new posts on your blog. See you when you get back to the burgh.