Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Race Schedule

Below is my ideal race schedule for 2010. Race names with an asterisk preceding them are ones still under consideration or pending qualification. Registration is complete for those without, or it is a near certainty that I will race them. Again I will be racing for BallouSkies, but I am excited to be starting the year with the burgeoning BallouSkies team and already established and fantastic charity.

Feb 27, 2010 *Spring Thaw
Mar 27, 2010 *Just A Short Run
Apr 10-11, 2010 AMYMSA League Championships
May 08, 2010 *Kinetic Half Iron
May 16, 2010 *Cleveland Half Marathon
May 29, 2010 New Brighton Triathlon
Jun 13, 2010 Eagleman 70.3
Jul 25, 2010 Ironman Lake Placid
Oct 09, 2010 *Ironman World Championship

In all honesty, the schedule definitely looks a little top-heavy for the first half of the season, but all the better to hone the racing skills and pursue the ultimate goal....