Monday, February 1, 2010

2009 in numbers

My year of swim, bike, and run, in numbers. This is for all of my training and racing, and no extracurricular (cross-training/lifting) activities are included in these totals.

Swimming - 412,717.16 yards (234.50 miles)
Biking - 4,888.26 miles
Running - 1,234.54 miles
Total Training and Racing hours - 597:01:40 hours
Total hours sleeping - 2,826:30:00 hours
Days without S/B/R (Zeroes) - 49.00

My weekly averages are-

Swimming - 7,787.12 yards (4.42 miles)
Biking - 92.23 miles
Running - 23.29 miles
Total Training and Racing hours - 11:15:53 hours
Total hours sleeping - 53:19:49 hours
Days without S/B/R (Zeroes) - 0.92

These weekly averages represent a 24.54% improvement over 2008 numbers for swimming, 6.17% for biking, 4.39% for running, 11.31% for weekly hours of work, -1.93% in hours slept per week, and 16.67% more days taken off. Looking more closely at the percentage changes, obviously the swimming improvement is a welcome jump up in yardage, and both the biking and running could stand to increase in 2010, as well as the amount of sleep I give myself. Initially, seeing the increase in number of days off in 2009 compared to 2008 was a little troubling, however looking at the weekly training logs I see that the majority of these days off occurred in either October or November, and after a two-Ironman year (my first), I probably needed this time for mental and physical recuperation. 2009 was really a tale of two seasons, the first being pre-Lake Placid, and then the second post-Placid:

It is always nice to see improvement though and I will be looking to train and race with even more consistency in 2010 and I will use the numbers as a motivator and for feedback. Miles make champions!


Jenny said...

My "Days without S/B/R" looks kinda like 365. (or wait, was this a leap year??) At least there is much room for percentage of improvement.

Jeremy said...

No leap year. Yes, you seem ripe for much improvement. Let me know if you need any help crunching some numbers!