Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great thoughts on the future of triathlon and our state of the union

Here are a couple links and quotes to two great interviews I read recently. It was really interesting to me as a serious age grouper, one that doesn't really live the life that these two men do as a working stiff, but certainly dreams of and aspires to. I feel that they are both dead-on in what they are saying about the sport as it currently exists, and what needs to change to bring the sport to the high level and even footing that it deserves to be on in my opinion. While triathlon may never equal football in popularity here in the US, there is no reason why it could not and should not exceed "sports" like auto racing and golf. My $0.02.

"Well, the main thing is I believe that the sport belongs in the top echelons of sport. I don't believe for a second it hasn't got there because of the way the sport is. I think it is the premier endurance sport; it mimics our life - 8 hrs of hard toil in a day. This is a sport where for 8 or 9 hours you can go full bore. Who can produce the best performance over a good mix of sports for a working day? I think every working person can relate to that. We just need to explain that and advertise it better, and the masses will get interested." - Brett Sutton, from an interview with Herbert Krabel of Slowtwitch.

Interview with Dirk Bockel on Competitor Europe's site.

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