Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paleo living

The New York Times online edition recently ran an interesting article on the "urban caveman." It just so happened that I was already boning up on the subject when I caught scent of this piece. I had been reading The Paleo Diet for Athletes for a couple days and had begun implementing some of the diet recommendations. The plate shown above is my daily mid morning snack now. Throw a hardboiled egg in there too. I thought I'd give Paleo a try now that its resolution time and also because my current training volume is relatively low. If it doesn't get the job done once I'm hammering myself week in and week out, I can always drift back towards the typical triathlete's style of nutrition, that of the all out Carb-Fest. At a minimum I suppose I have committed to sticking with the almonds at least because I just ordered ten pounds of them yesterday online! So far though its going very smoothly and I am noticing that I am getting a little leaner around the midsection, and my energy levels are good as well. A plus about the body comp since the epic bike rides have yet to start, although those will surely take care of any extra energy I might hope to have. :)

With all of that said however, training has been going well and I am slowly building things up. The first two weeks of the year I have been up around 11-12 hours and the frequency and quality of sessions are good. Last weekend alone I hit 6.5 hours of training which was a great feeling, although it makes me laugh to read that now because in a couple months that won't even be a complete Saturday. Our friends Chad and Jen came out our way last Saturday and joined us for some s/b/r. That definitely helped to get a longer bike in and was good to catch up and talk shop. Since Chad's 30th birthday was also the next day, later that night we joined up with them again and a group of triathlete friends for dinner at the Yokoso Japanese Steakhouse at the Waterfront. Below, from l to r: Jen, Chad, Lisa, Ryan, Cari, and Nick. This was our first time meeting Ryan, Cari, and Nick, and it was definitely a pleasure. Good peoples. Not pictured: Kim, Garvin, Jocelyn, and yours truly. Dinner was followed up by a Shuffleboard tournament at Dave and Busters. We endurance athletes know how to party!
Well, I think its time to turn in and get some of that all important rest, but this weekend will bring more group training sessions and good blog material. I hope everyone out there is off to as good a start as I am this year and is getting the work done, for that first race of the season can't be that far away! For tonight I will leave you with an amusing video, SlowTwitch: The Movie, created (I think) by Chuckie V.


Kim said...

Very interesting this type of eating style. I certainly am not going to argue as a dietitian. The question will be, can you stick with it! I agree, at the very least..keep the almonds! It's been great seeing you guys these last few weeks! I guess it's on like donkey kong again this saturday!

Chris Cornman said...

That is definitely a sweet looking snack. It makes a fellow caveman's mouth water!

Luv2Tri said...

Good stuff. You look very comfortable and aero on the new TT bike.