Friday, October 30, 2009

young man's impression of Ironman

This was written by my 14 year old nephew Robert, about the Ironman World Championship that he witnessed on October 10th. Robert came out with his mother Rochelle (Jocelyn’s older sister) for our wedding, and got a chance to take in the race the day before. Robert just started running cross-country for his middle school team and I wondered what kind of effect this race would have on him, if any. Read below for the answer.


The Ironman World Championship

The Ironman is a major event that only occurs once a year. This triathlon only accepts qualifiers who have trained arduously and that will compete in three athletic events. The Ironman is held in Kailua Kona and consists of a 2.4-mile swim in choppy waters, 112 breath taking mile bike riding, and a humid 26.2 mile run with a light breeze cooling the competitors. The Ironman only accepts accepted 2,000 people this year on October 10. My Uncle, Jeremy Cornman, is a tremendous and energetic athlete that is now considered an “Ironman” himself. I am proud to say he is my uncle and he has influenced me ever since he crossed that finish line at 10hrs, 28 min, and 19 seconds. To think that people like this can finish such a race is incredible while dealing with a temperature of 87 and a humidity of 74 makes me speechless! The way those people swam, biked, and ran influenced me in everyday life and only to become something great like them. The people who qualify and are accepted into a once a year world event that only accepts a few thousand people is incredible in every thinkable way. It showed me how I should work arduously and make it to the top. Even if I fail, I am not considered a quitter for working hard on something that I have not yet ended, this should be said throughout anyone who has not yet finished something they have yet to end.


Thanks Robert, I too am proud, that of my new nephew! Keep running and the sky’s the limit!

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